Organizations: Mediation & Creating a Collaborative Workplace

Resolving Differences & Creating a Collaborative Work Environment

The Blake Group uses exceptional perceptiveness and awareness to pinpoint disagreements and differences and their root causes. Seeing conflict from every point of view enables The Blake Group to determine the most cost-effective way to deal with the situation. Our programs and processes will help you:

  • Align your workplace dispute resolution policies
  • Provides internal resolution of disputes and rebuild productive relationships
  • Provide the basics for an internal alternative dispute resolution system and collaborative oriented culture

Common benefits include:

  • Improving relationships (80%)
  • Retaining valuable employees (63%)
  • Reducing formal grievances (64%)
  • Avoiding costs in defending employment claims (52%)

​Resolving differences through facilitation or mediation:

  • provides an opportunity for employees to talk in detail about their experiences and express how they feel
  • allows a fast response to dealing with conflict, so ensuring that parties do not become entrenched
  • is especially valuable when dealing with relationship breakdowns, both between employees and between an employee and their manager
  • provides a confidential method for dealing with conflict
  • removes the damaging impact that formal procedures can have on individuals’ careers
  • allows parties to fully understand the perspective of others
  • allows parties to identify a way forward
  • gives parties a sense of ownership over the outcome of mediation, which enhances the sense of autonomy, trust and responsibility
  • addresses conflict that is underpinned by allegations rather than evidence.

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Books on Mediation and Conflict Resolution:

POWW! Mediation and Facilitation for HR Professionals

POWW! provides easy to implement methods, models, and checklists to give you the edge in recognizing and resolving workplace disputes. All of the cases and methods come from real world experiences and confirmed research gleaned from years of practice and studies.

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POWW! Win-Win Turning Points During Conflict: Stop Fighting and Start Talking For Managers

Conflict is a fact. However, conflicts can be managed and resolutions are possible, if you know how to start talking and stop fighting. This book gives you researched techniques proven to move intractable toward mutually acceptable resolutions. POWW! Start Talking & Stop Fighting for mangers includes:

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