Individuals: Leaders Path

Leaders Path Individual Coaching

Leaders Path Coaching processes and tools are practical and bring clear value to our clients. Our coaching core values are about assisting the individual in setting goals and developing a plan of action and finally self evaluate changes to better reach their desired results. The Blake Group's expertise and experience will lead you through this unique, focused and success-driven personal development program.

Leaders Path clients say they that we have helped them to:

  • Manage complex organizational change more effectively and with greater confidence;
  • Identify stakeholder issues earlier, minimizing the impact on the organization;
  • Boost their effectiveness;
  • Inspire and empower higher levels of performance from others;
  • Develop an identifiable leadership style;
  • Create powerful and effective relationships;
  • Attain greater job/career satisfaction;
  • Receive better performance reviews;
  • Enhance conflict management;
  • Assert authority appropriately; and
  • Know your road block/challenges and how to get through them. 

For more information visit the Leaders Path Institute Website or call The Blake Group today at 520.624.4808.