Mediation & Resolving Differences

Mediation & Resolving Differences

Mediation & Facilitation resolves over 90% of conflicts voluntarily and agreements are often reached within a few hours, at a fraction of the cost of legal fees. Mediation helps parties let go of their conflicts, reconcile, work better as a team, and get on with their lives. Resolving conflict stimulates growth, personal and organizational learning, better communication, trust, improved relationships and opportunities for positive change.

Benefits of workplace mediation and facilitation to resolve differences based on recent research includes:

  • improving relationships between individuals (80%); 
  • reduce or eliminate the stress involved in more formal processes (64%)
  • to avoid the costs involved in defending employment claims (52%); 
  • retaining valuable employees (63%) and 
  • developing an organizational culture that focuses on managing and developing people (55%).

Mediation for Individuals
Mediation for Organizations

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