John W. Hutchison, Sr. Consulting Associate

John W. Hutchison is an experienced, senior-level management consultant specializing in helping business owners achieve their vision for their organizations. Many business owners quickly become mired in the day-to-day activities that all businesses generate.

John’s expertise is in helping entrepreneurial business owners and their management teams (from senior executives to first-line supervisors) revisit their business model and reconnect to their vision of how their business could operate at an optimal level.

With over 30 years of working with large and small corporations on improving their operations, John brings an extensive background in:

  • coaching senior leaders in identifying critical strategic business goals
  • determining the tactical activities that support goal achievement
  • creating an organizational communications plan to ensure that all members of the company understand the clarified direction of the business
  • developing action plan(s) necessary to make the vision a reality.

These have proven to be the key consulting areas that have allowed John’s clients to move forward and realize the full growth potential of their enterprise.

John has assisted clients further through the delivery of management skills upgrade training for all levels of the organization. This includes:

  • senior-level leadership development,
  • mid-level management effectiveness programs
  • first-line supervisory training

Research has shown that many firms promote employees to management positions based on their technical abilities. However, excellent technical skills alone do not automatically translate into critical management abilities.

John has trained managers at all levels in the principles of management and leadership in a real-world setting. This creates an understanding of both management theory and how to apply these principles in the workplace. With a trained team of leaders, an organization can meet the challenges of making their business a leader in its market.